Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Arriving in the Maldives

What you should expect on arrival?

The first surprise: Male International Airport is an island by itself! Next , your holiday starts right there. A 30-day tourist visa is granted on arrival. If Port health is satisfied that you have not been through any countries with serious contagion, you are in.

After luggage retrieval, do note that there is no Green Channel. All passengers luggage is screened, normally electronically. Keep the keys handy in case a manual inspection is called for. You may be asked whether you have any movies or CD’s. Answer all questions in a straightforward manner.

After Immigrations and Customs proceed to arrivals. A representative of your host resort will normally receive you. If no one meets you, ask at the information counter. If you need a reservation, approach a properly identified representative of a local agency.

After reception a quick boat or seaplane will take to your adventure in the Maldives.

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